A.WEEK Brussels by low architects

Want to know what urban development and architecture in the Brussels-Capital Region are all about? The A.WEEK or Brussels Architecture Week, held from 13 till 20.10.2013, will give you a pretty good idea. Take your pick of events and activities, from visits to the local architecture offices or guided tours throughout the urban landscape, to lectures and debates on the past, present and future of town planning and architecture in our capital. You can even take a look at propositions for tendering competitions, which did not make it to the final round and will never see the light of day. The expo ‘Lost and Found – Lost Competitions’ in the Bozar Shop will show you a series of wonderful mock-ups, plans and visuals on these ‘lost ideas’.

One of LOW’s recent projects, Guesthouse Teddy Picker in the quartier Dansaert, will be open to the public. The project houses 4 guestrooms, a shop/gallery, a restaurant and a private duplex with rooftop garden. Go check it out!