Our entry is finalist for Jessa Hospital’s international competition

Earlier this year we participated in a competition for the JESSA Hospital and surrounding Salvatorpark in Hasselt, Belgium. Explore our design!

Making the human scale the basis for the design, the hospital has been organized from the smallest unit outward – the patient room with a window that looks out onto various patios or the future park.

‘Salvatorpark’ aims for an integral healing environment by creating a generous hospital in a lush green area bordering the city. The design of spaces and departments is based on the activities of individual patients, doctors, visitors and employees. Internal organization focuses on clear logistic flows and separations, securing functionality during a pandemic. Our entry was finalist in the international competition Open Oproep 37 by Team Vlaams Bouwmeester.

Even though ours was not the winning proposal, we are extremely proud to showcase the work we made in collaboration with a great team including Wiegerinck, Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture, Ingenium, Ney & Partners, SuReal, Antea Group, Witteveen+Bos and The Middle Men.

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