Oncology Centre published in The Patient Room

Our oncology project was featured in ‘The Patient Room’. Published in december 2020, by Birkhäuser.

Birkhäuser just published their new standard work ‘The Patient Room’ and our ‘Oncology Centre’ is included in the book as special case study. The publication provides a systematic overview of typologies and design solutions for patient rooms. Using a series of case studies it reflects on the planning, design, and layout of the patient room and discusses the effects of these factors on the patient’s sense of well-being.

Designing Belgium’s leading oncology centre was a beautiful but complex assignment. We were faced with numerous practical requirements, such as connecting the university campus to the existing hospital. And despite the limited building volume. we achieved a good balance between the needs and the wishes of a very diverse group of users.

We also needed to consider the interests and needs of vulnerable patients battling severe cancer. That’s why our ‘Oncology centre’ project includes rooms with more square meters than average, making the layout more flexible, give them more comfort and allowing patients to personalize their space.

Would you like to know everything about the best possible design for the patient room? An extract of the book can be read below.

The full publication can be ordered here.

About 'The Patient Room'

The patient room is the smallest cell of the hospital organism. Its layout determines the structure of the ward and is therefore a decisive factor for the entire building.

Many requirements have to be met. The patient’s sense of well-being can be positively influenced by the design: homely materials, an attractive view and sufficient privacy are important objectives. Equally important are the working conditions for the staff, especially short distances and an efficient care routine. Finally, even the risk of infection can be reduced by a conscientiously planned room layout.

This publication provides a systematic overview of the design task patient room and shows exemplary solutions: both typologically and in selected case studies.

  • Floor plan analyses of 25 international patient rooms
  • Scientifically sound typological presentation drawing on the findings of infection research
  • Of interest to architects and medical professionals alike

A book by: Dr. Wolfgang Sunder, Julia Moellmann, Oliver Zeise, Lukas Adrian Jurk, TU Braunschweig

The full publication can be ordered here.