Renovation of the Flemish government cabinets

The building ensemble of the Flemish cabinet at the Martyr’s square in Brussels is a prime example of Belgian neoclassical architecture dating back to the 18th century. The project is a result of a multidisciplinary effort to develop a best practice example of a sustainable restoration of heritage buildings.

Our team was able to restore the heritage value of the buildings, whilst integrating a set of future-oriented sustainability measures paired with a vegetative landscape that stretches throughout the whole project and brings new life into the city center.

Furthermore, our carefully arranged spatial interventions remodel the once dark and closed spaces into an inspiring, bright, and flexible work environment. In this sense Martyr’s square becomes a place of encounter, dialogue, and innovation.

Het Facilitair Bedrijf / Flemish Government
Brussels, BE
VK Engineering, Fenikx
CLAAR and Photography: Séverin Malaud