Performing Arts Centre Leuven

Our proposal for the Performing Arts Center in Leuven emphasizes the historical origin of theater institutions that derived from informal art and were open to a wider public. In this sense, the glazed plinth of the PAC is greatly permeable and connects its interior spaces with the surrounding city life.

Further, a multitude of varying events can be organized, as the theater halls can be rearranged (connected or divided) as well as reversed towards the city, turning the streetscape into a scene.

In its form, the soft curves, wrapped in traditionally used shingles, blend into the historic roof landscape of Leuven whilst retaining a unique ‘theatric’ character by giving the impression of draped fabric.

Stad Leuven
Leuven, BE
Mecanoo, VK Engineering, Theateradvies, Kahle Acoustics, aNNo, Aat Vos, Endeavour