Campus Sint-Jacob Leuven

The historical buildings of Campus Sint-Jacob were originally built in 1794 and are located between the Sint-Jacobsplein and the Botanical Gardens in the western part of Leuven. The goal of our design for the Sint-Jacob school complex was to integrate a compact educational program that would create a welcoming school and connect its activities to the neighborhood and its historic heritage.

From an architectural point of view, the materiality and composition of the new design reference the classical order present in the historic surroundings.

Furthermore, the redistribution of functions enables a continuous green educational landscape in which children can learn about the importance of nature and food production (farming, agriculture). The newly designed playground defines distinct areas for pupils of different age groups while creating a fluent connection between different areas of the campus, the Sint Jacobs square and adjacent botanical garden.

Leuven, BE
Ney & Partners, Ingenium, Landscale, 2B-SAFE