Dental Clinic 2360 Mondzorg

The project for 2360Mondzorg in Oud-Turnhout was an exciting opportunity to blend aesthetics with functionality in healthcare design. We approached this project with a keen understanding of the unique needs of a dental clinic, aiming to create a space that was not only efficient for the staff but also welcoming and calming for patients.

In redesigning the interior and managing the extension of the building, we focused on creating a sense of openness and flow. This was achieved through the strategic use of sheer paneling, which allows natural light to permeate the space, enhancing the feeling of openness. The use of sheer paneling also served to subtly delineate different areas of the clinic without the need for solid, obstructive partitions.

2360 Mondzorg
Turnhout, BE
Photography: LUCID LUCID